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City Electricals Promise
We have taken the time to look into all the reasons why customers are not satisfied with our services. As each case is investigated individually we have found that there is a common occurrence of the same types of complaints. Below we have put them into four of our main categories for reasons why complaints are made to our Customer Service Department. We have also provided actions we are taking to improve our services.

Reasons for complaint
Sorry, there are no complaints stats available for this quarter.

Although we strive to provide the highest standard of service on every job we conduct, regrettably there are occasions where our customers are not satisfied with our works. This is a key priority for us and hence, when an issue is raised we attempt to address it straight away.

We found that a high volume of complaints regarding workmanship were from jobs we had conducted where the customer was not present on site during the visit. We appreciate they may wish to dispute the work conducted as they were not there to witness it therefore, we have put in place procedures to prevent this and we also have ways of overcoming this.

Should our customers not be present during the visit, they can request to be updated on site by our engineer as regularly as they may require.
With major jobs such as boiler installations, we provide Post Work inspections carried out by our highly experienced Technical Service Managers to ensure the works are up to current Gas Safe regulations and also up to our personal standards.

If an issue has been raised in relation to workmanship, we will send an engineer back to the property on the basis of a ‘call-back’. This means that if an issue arises that is related any works we have conducted then we will put this right free of charge. A charge will only apply if the issue is unrelated to a fault we have worked on. With major issues we will also send out one of our Technical Service Managers to inspect the works.

When any issues arise regarding workmanship, most of the time the matters can be resolved quickly and simply in attempt to clear up any discrepancies. We take all concerns regarding workmanship extremely seriously and all matters are investigated and dealt with by our dedicated Customer Service team who strive to provide the best aftercare service possible.

We rarely come across issues with regards to the booking process however, the main problems we find relate to either confusion of our rates or time slots allocated for us to attend.

We provide a transparent charging policy where all of our rates can be found on our website. After the minimum charge of the first hour, we charge in 15 minute increments so the final charge is a more fair reflection of the actual time spent on site.

We ensure that our call centre staff provide customers with all the necessary information upon booking to prevent any issues from occurring at a later date in relation to our rates or our policies.

To eradicate these problems, we offer a transparent pricing structure as follows:
Hourly rates plus any materials. Minimum charge of the first hour which covers fault, diagnosis and repair if possible. Then charging in 15 minute units.
Only very standard parts are carried on board the vans and we cannot promise that any parts required for the job will be available upon request. We have a fixed price for material collection of £80.00 or if materials are to be collected on the job, this time is capped at 45 minutes.

Payment is required on satisfactory completion of the job to the engineer.
We do not have a call out charge like other companies which includes travelling time and parking time, we begin charging from the moment we arrive on site.

We always aim to call the customer 30 minutes before our arrival to inform them of when we are likely to attend.

We conduct regular training for all of our call centre staff to ensure we are providing as much information as we can to help our customers at the time of booking.

We understand that due to factors beyond our control sometimes we can be delayed from previous jobs or projects. In these events, we endeavour to inform the customer as soon as we are aware to ensure that they are fully informed. Due to our 24 hour service, customers are welcome to contact at any time to check their booking or to discuss anything with a member of our team.

Invoice Query
We have a tracker system in place on all our vehicles that can verify times the engineer has been working at a property. Sometimes there are discrepancies with invoices which can be relating to time the customer was charged for an engineer obtaining materials or how long the engineer was on site. Any invoice queries that are raised are checked against our vehicle tracking system and any adjustments that need to be made are done so.

General Enquiries
With the variety of works we conduct we have a large customer base that requires general information regarding their recent service.
We are aware that sometimes customers can remember questions they forgot to ask at the time of the visit when the engineer was present. Sometimes this brings about uncertainty in relation to our works.

We have expanded our departments across the board so you are able to speak to someone straight away