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Remedial Work

Remedial Work

City Electricals has over 16 year’s experience providing technical safety services throughout the London, offering your workplace the maximum level of electrical safety with ease. Identity and fix electrical issues, prevent future damage and avoid liability for fault and negligence with our time and cost saving repairs and remedial work.

At City Electricals we recognise that for any business the safety of their customers and staff will be of vital importance. With our Remedial Work for Electrical Safety services you can easily ensure that all power sources are kept to a safe and high standard whilst fully complying with electrical Health and Safety legislation.

As part of our Remedial Work services, all electrical sources will be tested. After these checks have been completed, you will be presented with a report that identifies any damage or defects. The results of the report will fall into three codes:


C1 (“Danger Present”): the safety of those using the installation is at risk. It is recommended that a competent person undertake the necessary remedial work immediately. During the completion of an EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Report), observations classified as C1 will be ‘made safe’ upon discovery where possible and subject to consultation with the site contact.


C2 (“Potentially Dangerous”): the safety of those using the installation may be at risk. It is recommended that a competent person undertake the necessary remedial work as a matter of urgency. An instance would be classified as a C2 if, with the addition of a foreseeable event and given the right circumstances, it would create a C1 type situation.


Code 3 (“Improvement Recommended”): whilst this type of observation doesn’t pose an immediate or potential danger to the users of the installation, improvement would significantly enhance the safety of the electrical installation.


Work completed by City Electricals engineers can include replacing missing screws from switches or sockets, installing correct colour ID to circuits, replacing broken or corroded wiring and improving access to equipment. Addressing these electrical issues is essential to avoid dangers such as fire or electrocution.

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